Pepperlane Profiles get a fresh new look

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We are excited to announce that we have redesigned our Pepperlane Marketplace profiles! Pepperlane has made a considerable investment with the goal of making it easier for customers to contact you, and making it simpler for you to update your Profile

We interviewed Pepperlane Members and customers, hired UX designers and developers, and did extensive testing. We are so happy with the results and we hope you are too. 

Here's a sneak preview of the new profile design.

New Profile Example

How to Update Your Profile

Note: Social distancing has had a major impact on all of our schedules. If you have extra time, we suggest you take a deep look at your Profile. If you have limited time (are you hiding from your kids right now?), you can update your Profile in a matter of minutes. Or just save it until you have the time—your current information will automatically move into the new format.

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click “Profile” in the right column, then “Check out your new Profile” in the pop-up
  3. Check each section 
    1. We have moved all content from your current Profile into the new one. Make sure all content is up to date and formatted correctly 
    2. The Impact Statement field is new. Please add your content
  4. Confirm your Categories. These were automatically selected based on your first two services. You are welcome to select different categories

Helpful Resources


  • Wednesday, March 25th: You can preview and edit your new Profile
    • Any changes made now will be saved to both the current and new version
    • Your new Profile is visible at a temporary URL, so please don't share it
    • Visitors will see the current version, until the new Profile design is rolled out
  • Monday, April 6th: The new design is rolled out to all Profile pages! Now your visitors will see it.  🎉

Exciting Updates to Your Profile

We redesigned the profiles with two goals in mind: making it easier for customers to contact you, and making it simpler for you to update your Profile. These upgrades to your web presence will give potential customers the sense that you are professional and experienced.

Enhancements to help customers find your business:

  • Potential customers no longer have to create an account to reach out to you (Woohoo!). And now they have two options for outreach: 
    • “Ask a question.”: This shows you are willing to be helpful and provide more details about your business
    •  “I’m interested. Let’s talk.”: This CTA allows for motivated buyers to reduce the back-and-forth of scheduling a time and get connected quickly
  • There are three things that potential customers want to know about you right away: what you do, where you are, and how much your service cost. So we moved the Impact Statement, Location and Pricing to the top of the page. 
    • New Service Pricing Options make it easier to specify a rate and give potential customers a sense of what they can expect to pay. (Pro Tip: giving an indication of your pricing has been shown to increase contact rates) 
  • We want people to have an enjoyable experience on your page
    • Your whole profile is viewable as a single scrolling page, which makes it easier to discover your services, projects and testimonials without having to hunt for them
    • We changed the colors, fonts and positioning of the CTAs to make them easier to find and more attractive
  • Services are now front-and-center, listed at the top of your profile
    • You can now add an Impact Statement to each Service to clearly summarize the benefit to your customer 
    • New service categories will help potential customers to discover you in search results (High fives for more traffic to your page!) 
  • We've made it easier to showcase your work
    • Projects has been renamed Portfolio, and incorporated right into your main Profile page, so everyone can see your beautiful images and customer stories
    • Testimonials are now collected in one place and easy to scan

Enhancements to make editing your profile easier: 

  • The layout is visible as you work, so you know exactly where your copy and pictures will be placed
  • There are prompts in each module to explain what content you should include 
  • Clearer sections so you can showcase more of your work, and improve your SEO
  • Streamlined edit/preview/publish experience, so you can work faster (who doesn’t love that!?)

We sincerely hope you are excited about the new Profiles. 

New v. Old

If you have any feedback or questions as you start editing your Profile, We love hearing from you.