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Transform Your Business: Your Growth Journey





Transform Your Business: Your Growth Journey is a revolutionary new group-coaching program designed to help mom entrepreneurs like you shift your mindset and reimagine your business to achieve your vision of success. 

This six-week program gives you the space and support needed to deeply examine your business—and your heart and mind—so you can develop a personalized plan for long-term, sustainable growth. We will go deep into the core principles of growth: your vision, your story, revenue analysis, marketing, customer journey, and committing to a plan. 


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Pepperlane’s CEO and co-founder, Sharon Kan, will be your coach. She has mentored over 200 female entrepreneurs and will call on her own experiences developing groundbreaking businesses while embracing—not excusing—her role as a mother.



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The Journey gives you a moment to work on your business with guidance and collaboration. The time involved allowed me to detach from the daily task of business to a bird's eye view of the business as an owner.
LuSundra Everett
Founder, Everett Tax Solutions
From Session 1, this series has assisted me in looking further ahead into my business AND personal life which is really invigorating! I feel more empowered to push through the mini crisis of the day because I have a clearer big picture of life after this pandemic!
Renee Bordner
Founder, Note-worthy Experiences 
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What you need to know


Journey Cost: $897 for Pepperlane members ($997 for non-members)

Payment plans are available. To learn more, email  


Pepperlane Members, use this code to redeem your discount: MEMBER10


Launches October 21st and meets every Wednesday from 1-2:30 PM EST for six weeks. 

  • Wed, October 21
  • Wed, October 28
  • Wed, November 4
  • Wed, November 11
  • Wed, November 18
  • Wed, November 25


  • 90-minute weekly group sessions
  • 1-hour weekly "Fuel Up" hours (optional)
  • 1-2 hours for assignments (that's your call 😀)
  • Participants must commit to coming to five of the six sessions because cohort participation is critical to everyone's success. 
  • Price: $897 for Pepperlane members ($997 for non-members)
  • Pepperlane Members, use this code to redeem your discount: MEMBER10 
  • Payment plans are available. To learn more, email  
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The Pepperlane Way

Growing your business is not just about the numbers, it is about you!
Embrace your whole self.


During the Journey, we follow the guiding principles of The Pepperlane WayTM.


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    • Embracing Motherhood
    • Succeeding On Your Own Terms
    • Strengthening the Sisterhood of Mom Entrepreneurs
    • Committing to Ourselves and Each Other
    • Mindfulness and Mindset 
    • Celebrating!
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How does this Journey work?

You will leave this Journey with a confident plan to significantly grow your business.




Sharon Kan, Pepperlane co-founder and CEO, will be your personal business coach. She will teach you how to analyze your business and guide you to create a personalized plan that leads you directly to your vision of success.



You will be matched with a small group of goal-oriented mom entrepreneurs. You will commit to supporting one another, sharing your own experiences and resources to lift each other.


Our proven method of learning a skill, putting it into practice, and committing to your action plan will ensure deep understanding and long-term success.


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This Journey is for you if you want to


• Stop feeling burnt out or exhausted and get reenergized about your business
• Change your mindset to focusing on abundance and infinite possibilities for you and your family 
• Learn business techniques that are ideal for mom entrepreneurs
• Prioritize efforts that will make a real impact on your business
• Feel confident in the value of your work and your vision 
• Get individualized feedback on how your business can grow
• Be connected to a powerful sisterhood of mom entrepreneurs who raise each other up
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When owning a business one can feel a bit lonely. We become the CEO and it’s harder to get honest feedback from co-workers and friends. The cohort provided a set of peers in the same situation. We were able to build a sense of community and support.
Silvia Dubinsky
Founder, Fun World Language Academy

The well-constructed Journey paired with Sharon's warm mentorship is a great combination.

Our cohort has felt extra special. I learn a lot from witnessing others being coached and mentored.

Mara Yale, PhD
Body and Brain Teacher
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What do you get as part of your Journey?

Pepperlane has a proven approach that ensures clarity and accountability that leads to a real transformation.


Each weekly session will focus on a skills-based lesson, which have been designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs. You will learn the skill, put it into practice, and commit to your action plan.



Sharon Kan has mentored over 200 female CEOs and business owners to help them focus their potential and achieve their goals. She will work with you and your cohort in weekly group-coaching sessions.


Based on your vision of success, Sharon and your cohort will help you develop your own unique plan that takes into account your goals, your family system and your strengths. Long after the Journey, this plan will help you stay accountable and focused.

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Each weekly session will focus on a skills-based lesson, which have been designed specifically for mom entrepreneurs. You will learn the skill, put it into practice, and commit to your action plan.


1. Develop a Growth mindset
2. Tell a powerful story to Grow your business
3. Grow your revenue
4. Market for Growth
5. Elevate your service experience for Growth 
6. Create your personalized Growth plan


After each lesson, you will have the opportunity to work directly with Sharon. She can answer your questions, help you better understand the lesson, or review your new business idea.

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Sharon Kan, CEO and Cofounder of Pepperlane

Sharon is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for bringing big ideas to life. She started her company Tikatok during the recession, while she was pregnant with her second child. She launched her business from her kitchen table, and in less than two years Tikatok was bought by Barnes & Noble. Following the successful sale of Tikatok, Sharon co-founded the WIN (Women Innovating Now) Lab at Babson, an accelerator to help women grow their businesses. While finishing her time at the WIN Lab Sharon had another big idea, empowering moms to build businesses that fit into their lives, and make an income based on their terms. Sharon founded Pepperlane to help moms build businesses for themselves but not by themselves. Over her career Sharon has mentored over 200 business owners, and helped thousands of women along the way to achieving their goals.

Sharon holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bradford in the UK, a B.A. in Business from the College of Management in Israel, and is a graduate of the French Culture program of the Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

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